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 It is with gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter for the care that I have received. I am a 65-year old grandmother of nine and have always considered myself a pretty healthy person. That was until March of 2012 when I had a severe outbreak of hives- from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. After two weeks of horrible itching and visits to the ER, two trips to Urgent Care and a referral to an allergist in St. Cloud, I was still miserable. Every visit to the doctor or allergist resulted in an increase in the amount of meds I was prescribed until I was so drugged I was almost non-functional. I couldn't work, didn't dare drive and could hardly walk. Basically, I slept or I itched!

 The nights were always the worst. I often woke up with blood stains on the bedding from scratching so hard - even in my sleep. I would sometimes get up during the night and take a cool shower or soda bath or just walk the floors and cry. One night when the itching was extremely bad, I decided I needed another does of meds. After I'd gone down the steps from our second floor bedroom, I realized I was so disoriented from the drugs that I should have awoken my husband. But it was too late. I was at the bottom of the steps and was too weak to call for him so I made my way to the kitchen to take yet more meds. I dosed out the meds and reached for a glass to get some water. What happened next still make me shutter. At that moment, I could not remember how to turn the water faucet on! I had to focus on the glass in my hand and concentrate with all my being on how to fill my glass with water.

The daily meds I was taking at that time included 60 mg of prednisone, 2 anti-histamines, a histamine blocker, sleeping pills and an anti-depressant ( even though I argued with the doctor that I was not depressed - not that I didn't have every right to be - but I was told that the drugs wouldn't hurt and something were very effective as a source of treatment ). I also had been prescribed an EpiPen in the event I started having difficulty breathing.

The next day when my daughter called, I told her about my little episode from the night before. she told me I had to get off all the meds and find some other way to treat my hives. She works as an office manager for a Health Source Clinic in the metro and told me to call and make an appointment with Pfeffer's. (Actually, I think she said if I didn't make an appointment, she was driving to Alexandria to take me there personally.).

That proved to be the best advice I could have received. The next day I was in Dr. Mike's capable hands. I must have been in pretty bad shape because my appointment lasted most of that afternoon. He explained to my husband and me that the liver filters toxins from the body and the toxins in my body were too much for my liver to process and that was causing me to break out in hives.The next step was to determine what kinds of toxins were causing me such misery. He explained he would Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) to make that determination and in contrast to treating me with drugs, his treatment for me would be with whole food supplements and changes to my diet. 

Nutritional Response Testing is simple, quick, painless, and absolutely amazing! NET tests neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. Each NRT reflex represents a specific organ or function and indicates the effect that energy - or lack of energy- has on the body.

That being said, I will try to explain how it works. Dr. Mike contacts these reflec and acupunture points with one hand while, with his other hand, testing the muscle strength in my arm. If the reflex being tested is active, the nervous system responds by reducing energy to the extended arm and the arm weakens and drops. This signifies some dysfunction withing my body which aggects my health. Once a weak area has been identified, nutritional whole food supplements are tested against it to determine what will bring the reflex back to strength.

What amazed me is that every organ and function in my body can be tested at every visit in just a few minutes so adjustments to the types and amounts of nutritional supplements I am taking can be quickly adjusted so my body is always receiving the exact dosage of what I need, when I need it.

It's now been six months since my first visit with Dr. Mike. My hives did not immediately go away and I still have an occasional outbreak (when I eat something that I shouldn't or come in contact with a toxin that I'm sensitive to), but I'm working, driving and functioning - drug free! Frankly, I don't know where I'd be today had it not been for the care and attention I received from Dr. Mike. I knew if i was having a bad reaction, I could call and he'd squeeze me in sometime that same day, retest me, and adjust my supplements. Not only was he there for me during working hours, there were many nights he called me at home to make sure I was doing okay.

I've learned so much about nutrition and toxicity that in many ways, I feel my hives breakout was a blessing in disguise. Because of them and everything that Dr. Mike has taught me, I am healthier than I've ever been before. When I follow a low-glycemis, gluten-free diet and take my supplements, I feel great! When I stray from that, my body lets me know.

My husband and I are also living a healthier lifestyle. We have gotten rid of all chemicals and bleaches in our home and clean with vinegar and water or hydrogen peroxide and water. Our toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and many other products are all natural or organic. And, an added bonus - I've lost 20 pounds, without even trying!

I would not wish hives on anyone. However, if you just want to feel better, be healthier or lose weight, I would recommend talking with Dr. Mike about Nutritional Response Testing - before you have a serious medical condition. If you are willing to make some changes to your diet and life style, I guarantee you will feel better than you've ever felt before!

We're so fortunate to have a person like Dr. Mike, with his training and compassion for his profession, right here in Alexandria. Thanks, Dr. Mike!

Linda Greseth 

When I came to Pfeffer Chiropractic I was relatively pain free but couldn't walk for any length of time. Dr. Pete asked me what I would do in my "dream of dreams" and I said I would love to be able to walk for a distance with no discomfort. Within a couple of decompression treatments I went shopping, and for the first time in years I could walk a short distance without discomfort. A few weeks later I went shopping again and I was able to walk even further than I had ever dreamed of walking. I would say that after coming to Health Source of Alexandria I am 95% better. I also love that they have a Proadjuster, I was always too tight to relax enough for a manual adjustment so I was so relieved to find they have a Proadjuster. A real bonus of Health Source of Alexandria is that they have an exercise program where you can meet with one of the doctors and learn different core and spinal stabilization exercises, which has been really nice and has helped a lot. I love that everyone at Health Source is so caring and friendly. Thank you! ~Kathy M.

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